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The Tarneit Football Club is committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for all our players, supporters, volunteers & parents. This means that there are certain obligations and responsibilities that are expected and necessary to be followed, so that all of us can enjoy the Tarneit Football Club.

All players, supporters, parents & volunteers are expected to read & understand these Policies & expectations.

Note, there are more forms and policies that are relevant to the Tarneit Football Club on the WRFL website – please click WRFL Forms and Policies.

WRFL Policies

WRFL Code of Conduct

Fair Play Code

Alcohol Code of Conduct

National Player Transfer Regulations

Your Right to Enjoy Footy Policy

Coach & Officials Policies

Team Manager Responsibilities

Coach Code of Conduct

Parent & Supporter Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

Child Safety Policies

Child Safety Policy

Child Safe Recruitment Policy

Child Safe Reporting Process Template

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Empowering Children Initiatives

Alcohol & Drug Policies

Alcohol Management Policy

Alcohol Policy

Drugs in Sport Policy

Illicit Drug Policy

Health Policies

Health & Safety Policy

Infectious Disease & Blood Policy

Concussion Management Policy

Concussion Management Reference Cards

Social Policies

Vilification & Discrimination Policy

Harassment & Bullying Policy

Social Media & Networking Policy

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